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Cost of living in Spain, Spanish property, Spain entertainment

Cost of living in Spain, Spanish property, Spain entertainment


The following pages will give a brief insight into the cost of living in Southern Spain. Recent surveys have shown that for most people living a typical lifestyle there is an overall saving of around 30% on living costs compared to the UK. Obviously for those who seek the champagne, lobster and casino lifestyle then there are plenty of establishments to cater for them - at a price!!!


As in the UK there is a vast selection at widely varying prices. The climate in southern Spain is temperate for much of the year it is unlikely that you will need anything like the amount of clothes that you would require in the UK. Interestingly, designer label clothing is much more widely available in Spain than in the UK.


For most people this will mean eating out and drinking. In southern Spain the plethora of bars and restaurants ensures healthy competition and consequently keeps prices down.

Good 3 course meals with wine are widely available for £5 -7 per head. If you want to follow your meal with a very large brandy then it will probably cost under £1.50 in most establishments.

The famous Spanish tapas make a great light lunch and a couple of these plus a couple of glasses of wine are unlikely to set you back more then £2.50.


spain price comparison


There are main dealers and independent car sales showrooms in all the larger towns where both new and second hand vehicles can be purchased. Prices of new cars are similar to the UK. However, at the time of compiling this site the price in Spain for a Ford Finesse was around £700 less then in the UK. Similarly, a Seat Ibiza 1.2 litre Saloon showed a saving of around £400 if purchased in Spain.

Used cars generally hold their price better then in the UK. There is little rust due to the climate. Additionally motorway use is much less – there are plenty of 5 year old “holiday” cars around with only 15 – 20,000 miles on the clock.

The usual manufacturer guarantees apply to new vehicles. On used vehicles the guarantee will vary depending on the age of the car. Servicing and repairs will cost about the same as in the UK.

Third party insurance (as a minimum) is obligatory. Costs are similar to the UK. Your UK no claims bonus is recognized in Spain. Proof will be required from your UK insurers.

Big savings can be made on road tax – typically around £35 - £40 per annum for a Fiesta type car. Fuel is considerably cheaper in Spain as follows:

spain fuel comparison


There are considerable savings to be made on most property taxes and overheads. The estimate below shows typical costs for a 2 bed apartment occupied by 3 people.

spain rates comparison

Electricity is about the same price as in the UK but is generally used much less.
A community charge is payable where facilities are shared. Included in the community charge are such items as:

  • maintenance of the garden, swimming pool, satellite TV system, lifts
  • outside lighting
  • interior communal area lighting and cleaning
  • painting of exterior
  • building insurance

Costs vary depending on facilities but typical community charges for a 2 bed apartment would be between £200 - £500 per annum. Community charges are set by the owners of the apartments in the block (not by an outside agency). Any increases are only allowed if there is a majority vote by the apartment owners.

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